jawbone test using jott.com

I called jott.com and left myself a message while the music was playing at 90db using my jawbone and the iPhone. Its not as good of a test as I had hoped because if you pause at all Jott thinks you are done and stops recording. However, compared to the Mac Book Pro using bluetooth, its clear (pun intended) that the iPhone’s bluetooth is much, much better.

Here is the text of what Jott thought I said with 90 decibels of music playing at times:

Okay, so I am going to use Jott to record a second test this is a silent room just talking on the job on[1] I am going to get some audio going with iTunes at 19 decimal[2], okay the audio was[3] playing now and now I am going to go head[4] and turn off the no[5] active noise cancellation so now the actual noise cancellation is off, I am going to go ahead and send[6] it back and I will check on and we will see what it sounds like a[7] Jott.

You can listen to the original audio from jott (snagged via wiretap pro from jott’s website) here.

[1] Jawbone [2] 90 decibels [3] is [4] ahead [5] noise (hey I had no script) [6] set [7] through

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