The power of .mac and web galleries

I have hired Scotts Lawn Service to handle my lawn. I do the mowing and watering, they do the weed killing, aeration, over seeding, fertilizing, etc.

They come every 6-8 weeks, 8x a year, for $42 a visit. The people have been very nice and informative, for example, any spots that don’t take on the over seeding, they will fill in. The quality of my lawn reflects on their service and they want it top notch.

So my lawn is mostly dead. I decided to chronicle it and instead of using my own plugin BetterHTMLExport, I decided to try out .mac web galleries, simply for the ease of posting photos from my iPhone.

You can see the gallery here and you can even subscribe in iPhoto (though not RSS, which stucks):

Watch my lawn grow

The new photos appear to show up at the beginning, which is fine.

All I need to do is take the photo on the phone, tap the forward button and click Send to Web Gallery. This generates an email which sends the photo to me and to .mac where it is instantly posted!

To subscribe in iPhoto, just click the Subscribe link on the gallery.

This is a very simple, interesting way to chronicle any event. It’s too bad the photos don’t go into an Event in iPhoto automatically 🙂