Potential security risk with “Back to my Mac”

[isfym](http://www.isfym.com/site/blog/Entries/2007/10/27Don’tgoBacktoMyMac.html] has an article alarming about a security risk in .Mac’s “back to my mac” feature, which allows your Mac on the road to connect to your Mac at home.

The gist is this: If you have enabled “Back to my Mac” and someone knows your .Mac password, your machine at home is wide open to them.

This is not much different than if they knew the password to your machine. Their one concern is somewhat weak to me

Most people use weaker .Mac passwords. They do.

I don’t. My data is backed up on iDisk, I have email there, I don’t want anyone having an easy time at getting to that data, so I chose a password with various types of characters.

If you have an online service, use a strong password.

Now having said that, I think they are right that logging into .Mac should be different than logging into your Mac. Let the road Mac remember the .Mac password and when you connect at home, enter your machine password as a second line of defense.