MS Posts Office 2008 security notice, then pulls it

Update:Microsoft has reposted the instructions

In my RSS was a Mac Mojo post from Eric Schwiebert about the 502 error in the Office 2008 Installer. I went to read the rest of the post but it has been removed, and seemingly not replaced yet. Here is what my RSS reader cached:

You may have seen recent reports on the web of a security issue in the installer for Mac Office 2008. The issue is that our installer is incorrectly granting ownership of the files to a particular local user as it installs them, so that if your Mac actually has a second local user and that user is not an administrator on your Mac, they could modify your Office 2008 install. The issue does not expose the Office 2008 install to modifications by any networked user account or to any local account other than the second one created on your Mac.

Microsoft and the MacBU take all security issues seriously, and we intend to fix this situation in several ways. First of all, if you have already installed Office 2008, you can run a command in the Terminal to fix the file ownership and remove the security concern (see instructions below). Second, the MacBU is working on an update to Office 2008 that will automatically fix the file ownership for you… …