Do Facts, Figures and Policies matter to you?

Do facts, figures and policies matter to you? When electing someone do you want someone with answers, any answers, or a master in the non-answer?

Over the last few days, I’ve been pointing out examples of non-answers. I’ve had to because my jaw drops each and every time one of these pops up on the internet. The bit of information I found today is an article by an Alaskan Republican who has debated Gov. Palin over two dozen times.

“Andrew, I watch you at these debates with no notes, no papers, and yet when asked questions, you spout off facts, figures, and policies, and I’m amazed. But then I look out into the audience and I ask myself, ‘Does any of this really matter?’ ” Palin said.

Really. She questions whether any of you are interested in facts, figures or policies. Really.

When you watch the debate tonight, listen for answers. I know I will be.

From What It’s Like To Debate Sarah Palin in the Christian Science Monitor.