Dampening Front Load Washer Vibrations

Last summer we bought an LF Front Loading washer which we absolutely love. The only downside was some vibrations through the house when it got into the top spin cycle, around 3100rpm.

It was fairly loud but still, it did such a great job at washing, we didn’t care.

A few weeks ago I googled around and came across some foot pads designed to reduce vibrations from GVI Inc called Good Vibrations.

Let me tell you – These things work amazingly well. The machine is currently in full spin and while we can hear it, there is very little thumping going on. The vibrations are dampened at least 50%, if not more. The first time I ran a rinse to test was so quiet with guests over I didn’t even realize it was done.

The other advantage to these feet is that they raise the machine about an inch off the floor, which makes getting a drip pan underneath much easier when we clean the trap.

Installation was easy; One person tilted the machine forward while I slid the feet into place. Once they were in the proper spot, then we tilted it back for the front feet. 5 minutes to install.

Check this product out if you have a second floor washing machine. They also donate a portion of the proceeds to the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society.