Dear Microsoft

“Dear Microsoft,

I owe you an apology. For some time, decades in fact, I’ve often chided you for your products. I’ve poked fun at the quality and often sat agape with bewilderment as to why things were seemingly so awful.

However recently things became clearer to me. I saw a couple of your advertisements on the television where customers were beaming over Windows 7.

These customers stated that they had always wanted a stable or secure operating system and so they emailed you. Apparently some caring person at Microsoft read these emails, took those emails to higher ups and work began on Windows 7.

I apologize for making assumptions about a software giant such as yourself. I assumed that you knew that customers would want a stable and secure operating system. I can’t believe how embarrassed I am for this mistake on my part.

Had I understood that you didn’t know that we wanted stable and secure software, I would have fired off an email to you in 1992. To think that all this time, people have been suffering using Windows and all it would have taken to eradicate the pain and suffering was for someone to just write you.

So I apologize for not seeing the light. But now I am educated and aware, and I’ll do my best to help you out in the future.

I’ll start off by asking for a silent XBOX 360. I’ve spent a lot of money on an audio amplifier and speakers, yet when I watch movies on the XBOX, I can hear both the console’s fans and the power supply’s fans, especially in quiet, dramatic sequences.

I understand now that you likely didn’t know that we customers wanted a silent game console. I understand that you probably didn’t realize that fan noise is to audio content as blocky pixels are to the image.

I look forward to a silent XBOX 360. Can you give me a time frame for when I might see it?