Nintendo release the Wii News Channel today and I must say – it rocks! I won’t be using […]

So I was at Fred Myers buying Madden, two gamer geeks come up “Do you have any wiis?” […]

So yesterday Elizabeth starts a game of Zelda. I didn’t think she was into those types of games, but good on her! So I aided her where I could. She self-admittedly isn’t very good at the dexterity part, but she is excellent at the puzzles.

My favorite Wii moment has to be the following. It is a Zelda spoiler (gives away a bit of the game) so I put it in the extended section of this post. You’ll need to click “Read More…” below to read it (so gamers don’t accidentally see something they didn’t want to see)……

So I went from going to Orycon to shopping on Fri night and Saturday, taking Elizabeth to a […]