iSync 101

If you are not a power user, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time scratching your head, don’t play with the iSync beta.

Today alone I have reset my devices 4 times, deleted 3 calendars to find out which one had bad data, reinstalled the Palm Desktop once and been confused numerous times when, after a sync, I do an immediate second sync and one item has been modified. Of course, there is no idea to know which item, nor why.

iSync looks like it will be a nice product whe it ships. But currently, with the known bugs (such as changing your event dates), I suggest it only for those of us willing to deal with headaches.

The user interface integration with Palm Desktop is spotty. There is no way a novice would figure this out. I applaud Apple for using Hot Sync, as it means I only need to sync my palm once, but the conduit should get its preferences from within the iSync user interface. A user should not have to go to two places to set things up.

If you do use iSync, send me your comments!