Star Wars on IMAX

Maggie, Sarah and I went to see Star Wars Episode II on the OMSI Imax dome (the same type of dome that is in the San Jose Tech Museum) last Wed.

It was really cool to see Big Flippin Yoda! However it was too big, and because the dome is wrap around, it didn’t work for the framing of a normal movie. The field of view was all screwy, and you found yourself turning your head to see stuff.

Essentially we did our own pan and scanning.

The sound was really good, and the space scenes ROCKED as the star field filled your entire FOV.

It is clear that if a movie is shot with the dome in mind, it would be awesome!

I still had a blast, big yoda just rules!


  1. If the dome did not work for you go to the imax in Langley Collossus it is not a dome just a really big screen. It actually feels like you are in the movie.

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