Keynote hilties

** One more “small” thing. 12″ Powerbook. 1.2 inches thick. 4.6 lbs. Smaller than old Duos. 1024×768. 867mhz G4. GeForce 4 440 GO/32mb. CD-RW/DVD drive. Bluthtooth/Airport Extreme Ready ($99 for card) 5 hour battery life. 256mb RAM. 40 GB drive. Bundled with QuickBooks for Mac. $1799. Shipping in two weeks. Build to order with a superdrive. ($1999)

** 17″ Powebook! same iMac 17″ screen, thinner backlight. 1 inch thick when closed, thinnest powerbook ever. 1440×900 display. “Most solid keyboard we have shipped” Keyboard lights up! Fibre obtic. Ambient light sensors bring keyboard backlighting up. 6.8lbs. Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, hard annodized and not painted. 1Ghx 64 with 1MB L3 cache, superdrive, GeForce 440 GO 64mb video, FireWire 800, Firewire 400, gigabit ethernet, s-video, dvi, security, power, usb on side, pci, line in audio, and headphones. Most wirelessly equipped notebook. Bluetooth built in. Airport built in, but now it is called Airport Extreme, 802.11g, 54mpbs. Backwards compatible with older Airport/802.11b networks. Antennas in the top of the screen (two of them). Range = iBook! Lithium prismatic batteries. 4 1/2 hour battery life. 512mb DDR ram. 60 GB drive. Dual Display. Bundled with Quickbooks 5. $3299. Shipping in February.

** Airport Extreme basestation. 50 users. Bridging built in. USB printing! $199.

** Keynote – Presentation app. Built for Steve Jobs. Slide navigator. Outlining. Text, Graphics and Compositing. Live resizing of text, anti-aliased. Alignment guides. Supports full alpha channel graphics. Live resizing of graphics and rotation. Built in tables and charts. 12 themes built in, or make custom themes. Themes control look and feel of fonts, objects and textures. Effects happen in 3D as well! Imports and exports powerpoint, PDF or QuickTime. Open file format, XML based. $99 Available Now.

** Safari – Turbo Browser for Mac OS X. Fastest browser on the Mac. Period. Faster than IE, Netscape, Chimera. Very sleek. Looks very nice. Built in bug reporting. Does it support tabs? Bookmarks looks like iTunes, includes Address book urls! Google on the toolbar. Snapback to top level. Based on KHTML (Open Source) beta free starting today.

** iLife (the four iApps) bundled with all new macs. Free downloads for iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto, $50, for all apps including iDVD.

** 5 pack black DVDs now $14.99

** iDVD 3 – 24 new themes.

** iMovie 3 – Adds chapters! Get picked up by iDVD! “Ken Burns effect” for making movies from stills. Precise Audio editing, can edit audio within clips. Now in a window, no longer takes over screen. Skywalker ranch sound effects built in.

** iPhoto 2 – Integrated with iTunes. Within iPhoto see all tunes. Once click enchance to fix photos. Retouch brush. Archive photo albums to CD and DVD. Makes a slide show, searches his itunes within iPhoto and makes the slide show. Push iDVD button, launches iDVD3 and builds a menu in iDVD and makes the iDVD project automatically.

One button enchance. It works on more than brightness and contrast, like white balance (Similar, no?)

Retouch brush takes out a cut on a child’s head (nasty cut, too)

** iTunes 3 – Hidden features in itunes 3 springing to life.

** All new versions of iApps that are totally integrated.

** No new products will boot into OS 9 from today on.

“OS X transition is basically complete, we still have a few lagard apps, you know which one I am talking about” 5 million active OS X users Burton iPod ski jacket, available only on Apple store, $499 600,000 iPods sold in 14 months. 42% market share in japan 250,000 dot mac subscribers lost stream, restarted, whew 🙂 148 Million in christmas quarter in Apple stores, 50% to windows switchers 85 million people live within 15 miles of an Apple Store 7.8 million unique visitors to switch site, 68% running Windows 50,000 streams already, including the Vatican “Two Macworld’s worth of stuff today” 9:10am Keynote begins