Post from Safari

Am using Safari 1.0 beta to post this entry. Safari looks nice for a first attempt. Not sure it is always faster than Chimera. Since Safari does not support tabbed browsing, nor does it use the keychain to store form passwords, I’m sticking with Chimera.

Those interested in seeing these features in Safari, please use the bug icon in the upper right corner of the window to submit bug reports, asking for these features! Apple will only add them if we ask.

As far as the new powebooks go, wow. I am drooling. I think I will wait though, as that 17″ looks just too damn big. Did you see how wide it was in a first class seat sitting on Mini Me’s lap? Not coach, but first class.

Also, I have no bags that would hold it. Not even my backpack. So an additional expense.

However, the new keyboard, the new materials (maybe cooler, less fan noise?) and the airport reception may have me spending money I really don’t have. Sigh, heh.