One of the great things about exploring who I am, what I feel and not being made to feel ashamed for my thoughts is that I am expressing myself more and getting some pretty interesting, useful and often funny feedback.

On, I posted in reply to a thread titled “sappy sappy romance” which was asking about what romance is, is it dead, etc. So I thought for a second about literally trying to explain how I feel romantically, then I decided to just write whatever popped into my mind:

“Her silhouette swept through my mind as I stood at the restaurant door, thinking I was about to see her once again. Would she be in black, or red? Would her heart be beating as mine is now? Would she smile? Would she flutter as I kiss the back of her hand? Palms sweating, I turn the corner around the oak partition, the carved flowers reminding me of things sweet, of her. I work my way through the restaurant, knowing where she will be, walking tall, wanting her to see how happy I am to see her. There she is! The little black dress, and oh my lord, the black choker. Her lips glisten as she looks up at me, a smile broadens across her face. I take her hand, kiss it and I swear she swoons just a little. I sit and during the most amazing meal of our lives we converse, tease, play footsies and anticipate the rest of the weekend. As we finish dessert, the wonderful of the meal is but a pale comparison to her intelligence, her beauty, her love of life and how much better a person she makes me be. I look into her eyes, take her hands and say to her, ‘Happy 28th anniversary, my love'”

One of the responses was “Do you have a younger brother?”

ROFL! Damn, always some hurdle……..


  1. I’m glad my thread could help you realise that you really do have a seconday career in writing romance just waiting for you if you really want it 🙂 😉

  2. Hey!!!! That was MY response! At least you coulda credited me.;)

    Hello, skylar!

    Nice site

  3. How truly romantic! If I didn’t know you better, I’d say that you had a female friend write this for you, since so few men are willing to write “mushy” stuff. Are you now beating off the proposals with 10-foot emails?

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