Gates to Ballmer, “Houston, we have a problem”

Don’t mess with Texas

Microsoft bullies people into paying large contracts or face audits. Houston gives MS the finger. MS comes in at last minute whining they were not part of the bidding process. Bidding process? You expect to bully people and then negotiate? haha.

Yao Ming – 1, Gates – 0

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  1. Ya know what the most surreal thing in all this legal maneuvering is?

    Everyone (sweeping generalisation) when talking about Microsoft implies that they understand and believe Microsoft to be all these bad things (a monopoly, bullying, dishonest, morally bankrupt, etc.) but we still have shit like the recent court settlements. This is where being a Republic, not a Democracy, fails the people. How do we get public opinion entered as evidence? I mean once a few million people feel swindled and bullied doesn’t that count?

    Oh, wait… we have Geo. W. ‘Corporate Favor’ Bush in office, not Teddy ‘Trust Buster’ Roosevelt… le sigh

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