The Fat Lady Has Sung?

According to this CNET article, there may not be another Opera for the Mac.

Why? They claim because Apple is crowding them out with Safari.

Sorry, guys. Your version of Opera for the Macintosh was mediocre at best. With a 2.6 rating on version tracker, this sour milk gripe just makes me even less likely to try their browser.

Kudos to the Omni team for realizing their weaknesses and planning on changing their engine, not whining about Safari.

Just because we have much less software for the Mac doesn’t mean we appreciate companies that complain about someone taking market share away from their less than optimal application.


  1. Hear hear! I’m also annoyed at every little open source or ground-swell grass roots project who thinks they are owed success by virtue of what they are. I’m not gonna adopt something that don’t cut the mustard just because it’s an open or independent project. The Opera project has been around for eons and has had plenty of chances to get it right. But if people see something come along in a fraction of the time that’s 100x better, what does one expect to happen? People want good solid software and they want it as fast as they can get it. Evolve or get eaten.

  2. Hmm I should point out that I know Opera isn’t open source, but it had its beginnings as a ‘grass-roots independent ‘ as the politicos like to say. It was one of the “little guys” back in the day. And it’s mostly [sadly] stayed that way… Anywhoey, I shoulda worded that putting independent before open so as not to imply the wrong thing. (the basic argument still stands)

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