How to get back to “default” font

This is something that has been bugging me in all OS X apps and I would like your feedback.

Lets say I open a new email message in Mail and start typing along. The default font is Helvetica 12 I think. Then I paste something in from, say, Script Editor. The font is Geneva with colors and such.

Now, I want to go back to the default font, but there is no way to do this other than to go and try and figure out what font/size/color/style the default text is in and reset every property by hand.

Mail’s “Make Plain Text” clears the font attributes for the entire email. I realize that the introduction of font data other than the default will make Mail send RTF text vs. plain text, but this is a UI issue with Text Edit, etc.

Anyone have any thoughts?

(I just noticed Mail’s Copy/Paste style from the Edit menu (which is nowhere near the Format menu, but this is not consistent from one OS X app to another. Time for HIG to step up?)


  1. Maybe offtopic, but IMHO e-mail should always be sent as plain text. HTML is not intended for e-mail. It should only be used when you really need to apply a complex layout to your message.

  2. I have mail set up to send Rich Text, which is not HTML, but I understand what you mean. I do like being able to show things like fonts for code such as AppleScript however.

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