I used to be a Mac prankster. A long time ago, in an office far far away, I wrote an extension called “obnoxious” which had no icon, it got to a friend at UCLA who put it on Compuserve. Someone took it, renamed it to “Arggh” and added an icon. It then ended up in Stupid Mac Tricks volume 1. It would randomly scream every 3-5 minutes.

So I put it on a co-worker’s Mac, and it was screaming away. Was bugging me that it was not bugging him lol. So I went over and said “How’s it going?” and while I was there, the mac screamed. I said “What the hell was that?” he said “I don’t know, but it does it every now and then” and went back to work. Man was I bummed.


  1. If I worried about all the little voodoo that my computer does, I’d be a very upset person. Good for laid back dude who just let his computer holler when it felt the need.

  2. Some of the best computer pranks I’ve seen were:

    • Changing all the aliases or shortcuts on the desktop for files. Click on MS Word and you get Filemaker, etc.

    • Person opens their email program, triggers a script that writes an email to the boss saying person quits, going to work the drive up window at Burger King.

    Probably the best pranks I’ve participated in:

    • Put a tape recorder on top shelf of bookcase at library, minute of silence to allow me to get back to my table and then there’s all sorts of screaming. Librarian runs back to that part of the library, sees nothing.

    • Guy passed out during the Super Bowl, had $200 on the Chicago Bears to win. When he woke up in the fraternity house, everyone told him the New England Patriots came back to win soundly. Had him going until he went out that afternoon for classes and saw the newspaper.

  3. I remember obnixious and I’m Batman, those were cool and I still have them backed up on a cd somewhere..

    If you really wanted obnixious to do what you wanted, you should have made the screen flash a few times too.. haha.

    The one about alias’s or shortcuts would these days be considered virii.. really.. with everyones concerns over them.

    Geek, write one that makes a click on an item in the dock, open something else 🙂

  4. My all time favorite software based prank was “Ether bunny,” a tiny marching drum-banging pink Everready Bunny that would walk across your screen at intervals, only to disappear and then show up on someone else’s monitor on the same lan.

    Good times, good times.

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