Haunted Mansion Movie news

from scifi.com, we learn that:

Marsha Thomason, who plays Eddie Murphy’s wife in the upcoming supernatural movie Haunted Mansion, told SCI FI Wire that the film will feature elements of the popular Disney theme-park ride on which it is based. “We’ve got the singing heads,” Thomason said in an interview. “We’ve got the whole mausoleum. We’ve got Madame Leota. Jennifer Tilly is playing Madame Leota. There’s a whole lot of the Disney ride in the movie.”


  1. THis movie has Bombed me to a tee. I am way excited that it is being created. I am currently still in school under TV Film and want to become a movie director.. My dream was to direct the Haunted Mansion movie, and now someone has beat me to it. I have always been a HUGE fan of the ride, collected the 35th Ann. CD..and much more. When I saw the movie poster at the local cinema, i stood there with tears in my eyes, staring at the poster for like 10 min. I could not believe it. I SO HOPE this movie draws much attention as it has mine. Kevin

  2. I think that this movie will be definately worth seeing and as u put it kevin , when i first heard about it i had tears in my eyes too. Because teh haunted mansion is my all time favorite ride at walt disney world as well. I love how when ur at the park and ur at hucks island and from accross the lake u can clearly hear the howls eminateing from the manor. Its like a smell louring u in to come investigate its source. Also i think that they should add a second haunted house at disney with a similar premise to the haunted mansion but set to todays standards of technology of special effects and perhaps a new story line to go along with it. Right now im in college studying to be a history professor and a writer as well , so from a writer’s stand point i too am interested from that point of view as well .

  3. I am looking forward to it. What you said about the howl from across the way is so true. I just pray they don;t monkey with the ride itself

  4. Hey, guys… here’s something for the movie. If you have ever been to Disneyland, California while the “Fantasmik” (I know I didn’t spell that right) show was ending, I hope you thought to turn and look at the Mansion. The lights from the Pyrotechnics from the water show display an incredible show of color and shadows over the mansion that would put the Northern Lights to shame. I was lucky enough to get some great video footage of this spectacular. Oh, yeah… and I can’t wait for the movie.


  5. Access Hollywood on Monday had a special behind the scenes on the Haunted Mansion. Had a quick interview with Eddie Murphy and a great look at the interior of the mansion. Saw to what i believe was the STRETCHING ROOM from the ride into the movie.

  6. Ok, i’m getting impatient….LOL. When will the first actual trailer be released. I saw a lot on Access Hollywood and just thougth they would have a bit of shooting done by now to give us an idea on what this film will look like.. Anyone have it or know where it is? Kevin

  7. The Haunted Mansion Official website has finally updated. Check it out at http://www.haunted-mansion.com There you will find costume designs, a plot summary and a few more interior photos of the mansion itself. The site is not quite finished, but great to view to get even more excited on this upcoming film by Walt Disney ! Kevin

  8. The official Teaser Trailer of the Haunted Mansion is now out !!!!! I CANNOT wait to go see the film now ! Kevin

  9. The official Teaser Trailer of the Haunted Mansion is now out !!!!! I CANNOT wait to go see the film now ! Kevin

  10. The official Teaser Trailer of the Haunted Mansion is now out !!!!! I CANNOT wait to go see the film now ! Kevin

  11. gosh! i am soo looking forward to seeing that movie. when i saw that movie poster i was overjoyed that i had to eat some cheeeese!

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