What the hell is up with the Germans?

Germans ban Command and Conquer

So they ban a game about war for glorifying war because it has no diplomatic solution. Well let’s ban Quake too! Oh and Pac Man, sure don’t see the ghosts and the infamous dot sitting down at the ole’ fruit table to debate things out.

Asteroids is gone, those little UFOs don’t have a chance.

Tetris is safe I suppose, but not multiple player. You’d have to decide how to make sure the game was a tie first.

Shoot, there are sick people in the world – You can’t help that. The rest of us don’t see a game about war as a fantasy of killing people! It is competition and nothing else.

Better start banning books about war too guys. Someone might see those horrific pictures as glorification (because men never read the articles)

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  1. While in South Africa over Christmas break, I read one of Alan Dershowitz’s first books. I love his explanation for why he dislikes censorship. Of course, Germany doesn’t have the Bill of Rights but nonetheless, there is something fundementally wrong with a government or group of people or individuals deciding what other people read, see, touch, taste or even put onto their computers or videogame systems. What they define as bad is their own definition, not a global one.

    For example, how do we define violence as seen on television? I see a soldier firing a weapon at something off screen. To me, that’s not violent. To my Mom, that’s violent and shouldn’t be shown.

    Censorship is someone taking their definition and running wild with it.

    WalMart bans a Sheryl Crow album because of a statement in a song about WalMart selling guns. They also announced a ban on violent videogames but hey, you can buy any of the Bruce Willis Die Hard movies there.

    Roger “Ranting like Dennis Miller without the obscure references” Smith

    “Then again, I could be wrong.” – Dennis Miller

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