Even in war there can be humor

So by now you have all seen the scene of the Iraqis taking down the statue of Saddam with the help of the marines.

Well today, a second statue in the middle of a round about was the object of the people’s distaste. They could not do the job, nor would they leave and they were blocking traffic, so the marines to the rescue again.

I guess due to all of the accruements around the round about they decided to use c4 at his feet. I am not sure what went wrong, but it basically blew a hole through the groin only. The poor CNN reporters (one male, one arabic female) were clearly trying to hide their laughter.

The female reporter said, “We’re looking at the dismemberment of Saddam”

Call me crass, I found this amusing. Laughter, even in times of war, is a stress reliever.