Yay! A new Safari!

And it has tabs and autofill!

I found that if you command-click on a folder of urls in your address bar, it opens them like the Camino grouped tabs! This is the same as the “Open in tabs” menu item at the bottom of the list.

However, Safari does not have Open in Tabs for each submenu, so it makes grouping tabbed groups not very doable. Also, you cannot command-click folders in the bookmark list to open them in tabs either.

It turns out that you can control-click on folders in the right-hand pane of the bookmarks panel and get a “open in tabs” menu option, but you cannot control-click folders in the left hand panel (the top level list) Boo! I don’t like such inconsistency.

so in other words, Safari needs an “Open in tabs” menu item for each folder you open, be it in a menu or not and control-click should be item consistent (a folder is a folder is a folder to the user)

I still cannot log into Salon Personals. www.magelo.com downloads a page vs. loading it.


The auto fill works very nicely. I turned on the option in the Preferences to have it store site usernames and passwords also. I like that Apple integrated the concept of passwords and auto fill into one place, making it easier to manage and comprehend for new users.


eq.castersrealm.com works now!