Congratulations Carol and Ed!

Ok so I am a nut case, and it is only a TV show, but they are finally together!

NBC, you better not cancel them now!


  1. I watch “Ed” as well. The show doesn’t break new ground but it’s something that just seems comfortable. Like a well worn tshirt or blue jeans.

    If that was the series finale, and I hope it’s not, it was well done and probably one of the best finales in a long while. The final meeting in the park was great.

    “So, have you made any interesting decisions lately?”

    Only problem is, where do you go from here with the series?

  2. yeah!!!

    new season, carol and ed together…i can’t ask for more!!!! (cept maybe a nice lil …ahem..’scene’ for the two of em!) they’ve gotta do the naked pretzel sooner or later… heh heh.

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