Moronic Web Site of the Week

Taco Bell wins the moronic site of the week club.

Not only do they use some weird plugin or show times (which won’t load in Chimera or Safari) their location finder page has no phone #s nor hours either.

I mean, my God, they paid someone to make finding an open restaurant this hard? We hope to cure cancer and someone cannot even make it easy to buy their product?


Poor humanity!

And to top it off I went to use their forms to send feedback, so it asked my birthdate, I entered it and got “Sorry, you need to be older to use this feature of the Website but there are many other exiting areas for you in our kids section to explore.” and now it saved a cookie so I cannot get in. LOLOL what crap. Just like their food.


  1. Sounds like it works fine to me. It’s a web site with a childproof cap! ;-)Some of us never lose the inner child (which I think is a good thing), it seems that the techno-wizards at Taco Bell Tech have figured out a way to determine who those people are.Isn’t technology wonderful?

  2. I listen to my inner ID whenever I can. Time to go play dodge ball! 🙂

  3. or is that spelled Id? As in Ego, Super Ego, Id…yeah, I guess it is Id.

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