Less Bitching, more moaning

Or something like that would make the place a better world. I am the classic bitcher, I won’t change because communication helps make us better people, but I will try to be more constructive.

On a positive note, I had a realization today. People have been bitching about Apple doing this wrong, or doing that wrong, or charging too much. I just had an experience that will shut me up for a little while.

I just got a Quicken dialog asking for my password to download transactions. This is normal, it happens every day. But something was odd. Then it hit me. I had just done this 2 hours ago. That’s strange, it only happens once a day.

Oh! The dialog I used 2 hours ago had been patiently waiting for me since noon yesterday. Oh, that’s right, my Mac is pretty stable now. Unlike those OS 1-9 days, where you were lucky to not rebuild your hard disk three times a week, especially as an engineer.

So, kudos Apple, for making stability a non-issue. Yes, there are plenty of problems with OS X and their hardware, keep bitching, they’ll fix em. If not, they’ll go out of business, then we all lose.

I have been learning Smalltalk and Squeak this month and it made me realize just how little we have progressed since 1963. However, if Apple bites the dust, what loss would that be to our momentum of moving forward? Time will tell.

I think I am finally growing to the fact that my education is about grade 11 and my knowledge of the world is about 20 years out of date. Rather than bitching about how much others screw us around, I’m going to try and see what I can do to move myself in a forward direction, personally, emotionally and physically, through education and taking better care of myself. I think that the woes of OS X will become less important as I travel that path.

Moaning can be good at times. It gives us feedback, be it due to pleasure or pain, agreement or disagreement. A moan at a bad pun is as much positive feedback as it is negative feedback. Attacking someone may not help us move in the proper direction, so, to the Apples, Adobes, Microsofts and all those others I have bitched at, I apologize. Let’s solve our problems, move forward, and see how long it takes me to forget I wrote this piece from the heart.

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  1. “…and see how long it takes me to forget I wrote this piece from the heart.”

    I like the pieces you write from the heart. They’re my favorite part of your blog.

    ~ Dub

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