Things I love (or really, really like)


* Mad Monster Party (Rankin/Bass 1966 puppet masterpiece, got it on DVD!!!) * The Princess Bride (All time fav) * The Red Violin (wonderful story) * Waking up to sunshine * Walks in the forest on a cool evening * Trying out a new piece of software that “gets it right” * Playing with toys (legos, clay, construction paper) * Painting pottery (Have not done this near enough!) * Hanging out with friends * Making horribly bad obscure puns * Realizing I’ve matured in some area (and how many left to go!) * Writing poetry * That smile on someone’s face when you make a sincere compliment (as opposed to?) * My animated haunted house bank that my grandmother bought for me * (My small bank collection in general) * All things Disneyland * Pinball machines (Have one, want a Haunted House, circa 1980) * Holding my tongue when I realize it is just bitterness that will come out * Laughing with my brother so hard at a George Carlin concert that neither one of us can breathe * getting closer to my brother * Barry White * Barry Manilow * Village People (Anyone who has that gall gets thumbs up) * State Fairs * Weird Al * Bonnie Raitt * My parents

Do you ever make these lists? Thanks for being part of my personal growth, part of that is admitting stuff I like and not worrying what others think (big “duh” I know) as opposed to just stating what you dislike because that requires less personal defenses.

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  1. I don’t (usually) write them out, but I certainly make lists like this in my mind. I agree, it takes a lot of courage to openly express your likes without fear of judgment by someone else. And I know what you mean by #11: “One down, only 418 more to go!!” Ugh!

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