On Benchmarks

Ok so there is all of this brohaha over Apple’s benchmark numbers being faster than a Dell or AMD or what not. People are writing 5 page articles on how Apple lied and used cheesy tests.

However, some people see the humor in this, such as the wonderful Ars story on this subject.

What really cracks me up is this: Anyone who uses a company’s benchmark data to buy a computer is a marketing fool. These numbers mean nothing.

Do the articles that rebuff Apple’s benchmarks mention the Photoshop or Mathematics speed tests? No. Do they mention that some of us believe we are more efficient using Macs? No. Do they mention that Apple has a kickass hardware design, which cures a lot of what people have been whining about forever in Macs? No.

WAAAAAAAAAA. Get a life, guys. This is no different than nVidia or ATI saying their cards are “faster.” Horse hockey. Run benchmarks on the games you play and buy the best card for those. Read Ars, Toms, educate yourself and stop worrying about SPECs.

Wait till the machines are out, run the apps you need to run, decide which computer will make you a more efficient worker and buy that machine. Then find someone nice, take them to dinner and have a nice time.


  1. Very true.. all I can say is it feels fast, really really fast.. and this was running Jaguar, not panther.

    Makes me want one really bad like. 🙂

  2. In any case, how many people who use computers are actually gonna need & use the speed? Geeks aside, naturally! 🙂

    Come on, most people use their computers to do things like surf the web, manage e-mail, balance their checkbooks, maybe do a little word processing here and there.

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