Mac illiteracy

This hotel I stayed in has 802.11b. I had bought a Linksys card for my TiBook and it works, but only 2 bars, so NO WAY the airport would have worked. They told me it was not Mac compatible. I said “Give me the PC instructions” All I needed was the SSID. Then it worked. They said “What do Mac users need to do?” I said “Choose Other Network from the Airport Menu and enter the SSID” They said “That’s all?” I said, yep. ROFL

The PC instructions were 5 pages of getting to prefs and setting up a new network connection. LOL

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  1. You’ll have to stop spreading such lies, Mr. Riggins. Every IT person knows Macs don’t play well with others on a network. So shut down your shockwave demo that simulates that your Mac is actually working on the net and unplug and be on your way now.

    We’re very sorry that we were unable to get you working on the net. Have a nice day!

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