I have AC!

I hired a handyman to install my Sears Kenmore Air Conditioner (good thing too, just as I expected, was a goofy fit) He is cutting weatherproofing to seal off what the plenums did not (what a joke, gaps everywhere) and then I am going to silicone seal it up and paint it.

Already the temp has dropped a degree and that is with the window open. 🙂 Now to see how much the unit cools the entire house (if at all) It is rated for about half the size, but was the biggest 115v unit I could get.

All I know is it is supposed to be 91 on Monday and if this thing can help the living room stay cooler than 80 degrees, it was worth it. Last week it was 93 inside my place and I had had enough!

Update: I was gone for an hour, and during that time, the outside temp went up 4 degrees to 79 while the house dropped 1/2 a degree to 74.5. So while this won’t be as efficient as forced a/c, it is much better than it used to be, which was matching the outside temp degree for degree.

Update: By popular demand I have posted a picture of the unit inside and one of it outside.


  1. Nice! AC is good, it’s going to be really hot on Monday!! (I’m in the bay area now, till Thursday)

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