InfoWorld PC guy switches at home

Sweet. Check this article out. He even had the courage to point out his previous articles dissing the Mac. It’s nice to see people finally, finally seeing the light.

Read the article here…


  1. If he were truly an IT person, he wouldn’t even consider switching, I can’t tell you how many places I have worked where if you use a Mac, you are evil and a pinko-liberal – communist scumbag. Switching was basically considered defeat and that you were professionally admitting that the Microsoft platform was crap. I actually was turned down from a job due to the fact I had Mac experience. Go figure.

    And to be honest, I didn’t find his earlier columns all that insulting to the platform. He is basically an IT person that is scared to voice any opinion other then Microsoft.

    Anyway I am beginning to ramble and my sentence structure is pathetic.

  2. I am jealous today. While the College of Arts & Architecture here at Penn State is 95% Mac, there’s that 5% stake held by Windows users I help maintain. All the guys who don’t have to maintain PCs aren’t scrambling around today like me, patching Windows yet again to defeat the RPC vulnerabilities that were supposedly secured by the previous updates.

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