This is why I am no longer an Apple gen 1 supporter

Why don’t I have a G5 yet? As Simeon and I have discussed, Apple has burned people too many times when you buy the brand new thing early. I’m letting someone else debug this stuff. Check this out about the new Apple keyboard and mouse from Macintouch:

Michael Blake pointed out a surprising compatibility problem with Apple’s new Bluetooth keyboard and mouse: Referencing the new Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, you might want to warn your readers about a compatibility issue. Those of us who ran out and bought the Bluetooth adapter when it was first launched are going to be out of luck (or have thinner wallets!) if we want to use the new accessories…. The Apple Store has this warning: Important: Requires a Bluetooth enabled Macintosh (either built-in or using the qualified D-Link DBT-120 USB Bluetooth Adapter (older D-Link DWB-120M adapters are not supported). Mac OS X, v10.2.6 or higher required.