If you find Safari surfing it slow…

If you find Safari surfing it slow, it might be your DNS servers. I think Comcast’s are pretty slow, and Safari was just getting worse and worse (lock ups, etc) so I decided to install BIND and set my DNS server to

Wow, Safari is quick now! No more lock ups, spinning cursors etc. I’ll keep reporting here if it comes back.

I already had BIND 8.x on my system so I had to change the configure (with a prefix) to get it to make into the proper location for 9.x. I had a BIND startup script also (not sure if I made that or the make did) so I have all of the steps if you need them.

In the meantime, Apple can figure out why Safari is so DNS dependent where other browsers, like Camino, don’t seem to be.

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  1. Hey, how are you able to install BIND on OS X? I am not a gearhead — I have some UNIX experience, not a lot…


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