Applications being slow to launch, or not quitting?

I had some really weird stuff start happening. First Class (two versions) would take 2 minutes to launch. Excel would lock up when quitting, if I had text on the clipboard. I could not figure it out! I was not sure if they were related, so I deleted all of the FC prefs, reinstalled, nothing helped.

Then I tried a second user with Excel. Same problem. Ok so it wasn’t my user preferences.

Then I tried word. Same problem, but it put up a “Connecting to the printer…” dialog! Whoa!

So I checked and yep, I had a remote printer set up (the only one), that server was off and Mac OS X was very unhappy. In fact, I could not delete it or anything.

So, Print Center Repair 3.01 to the rescue! I used the button on the “Print Center & System Files” tab named “Reset Print Center” and now my Mac launches all applications quickly, Excel quits fine and First class launches quickly.

I also noticed I had printer sharing turned on my laptop (oops) so that is now off too. The two of these issues must have combined to really confuse CUPS, the OS X printer sharing software.

Be sure to keep Print Center Repair on any Mac you use!


  1. Excellent! Thanks for the tip!

    We’re running a shared printer at home (the cube is our hub for printing and adsl and etc.) and this is sure to come in handy. Thanks!

    OOPS! I mean “a hearty thanks, me bucko!” 😉

  2. In one of the offices I support, there’s a shared USB HP Deskjet 3850. Worked just fine under OS 9. After the migration to Mac OS X, no luck. The users would see the “Shared Printers” option every once in awhile and now only one person can view that option regularly. Everyone has all the same settings.

    I’ll try this program to see if it fixes things.

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