Applications being slow to launch, or not quitting?

I had some really weird stuff start happening. First Class (two versions) would take 2 minutes to launch. Excel would lock up when quitting, if I had text on the clipboard. I could not figure it out! I was not sure if they were related, so I deleted all of the FC prefs, reinstalled, nothing helped.

Then I tried a second user with Excel. Same problem. Ok so it wasn’t my user preferences.

Then I tried word. Same problem, but it put up a “Connecting to the printer…” dialog! Whoa!

So I checked and yep, I had a remote printer set up (the only one), that server was off and Mac OS X was very unhappy. In fact, I could not delete it or anything.

So, Print Center Repair 3.01 to the rescue! I used the button on the “Print Center & System Files” tab named “Reset Print Center” and now my Mac launches all applications quickly, Excel quits fine and First class launches quickly.

I also noticed I had printer sharing turned on my laptop (oops) so that is now off too. The two of these issues must have combined to really confuse CUPS, the OS X printer sharing software.

Be sure to keep Print Center Repair on any Mac you use!

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