Whoot – G5 on order

Thanks to my gracious boss a Dual 2ghz G5, 1GB RAM, 160gb HD, Radeon 9800 Pro, SuperDrive with Bluetooth is on order! Could be a month or more before I see it, or a week, Apple is all screwed up on their shipping it seems.


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  1. Wow! I’m envious, as you’d imagine. Good for you! Take pics!!!

    We’d just be happier if we could just get some decent service here. Applecare in both Australian centres we’ve dealt with has been horrible. Sarah’s iBook has had to go in twice and both times it’s been a nightmare. We’re still waiting on the second repair to even start after 2 weeks. Exactly like the first time (different place) they waited 2 weeks to tell us they couldn’t find it in the database. And both times we didn’t find this out til we called them wondering why it was taking so long. We were hoping this larger repair centre would be better. Obviously we were wrong. sigh

    Man I ache for the US “send you a box” model of support. This SUCKS!

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