Just how fast is a G5?

Got an old mac? Thinking about a G5? Someone on Apple’s discussion boards posted this about their dual 2ghz machine:

“Converting my 26 minute movie to a DVD format took 36 hours on my G3 b/w 300Mhz. Takes under an hour on this one, including burning. And this is a stock machine!”

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  1. I believe it. While playing with a new G5 yesterday afternoon, I was amazed at how fast it is. Windows open faster than maybe a blink of an eye. Click on iPhoto in the dock…blink…there it is.

    Yeah, I’m seriously itching to get one of these machines. Gorgeous, fast, well thought out design, solid construction. Forgot to see how heavy it is.

    I’ll wait until it comes with Panther installed and on the restore CD.

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