1. I still have my blue and white G3 and will buy Panther when it’s released. Anyone with info on how well it will work on a BW G3, please let me know.

    We had a G5 Dual Processor delivered at work yesterday. Incredibly sweet machine. Beautiful and in spite of nine fans, very quiet.

    I’m looking to get one of those very shortly. I want to read about real world usage first.

  2. Panther works wonderfully on my b/w 400mhz. It has been modified by adding gig of ram and a 32meg ATI card. It even pulls of expose but not as well as a G4 would of course. I have started an Panther list at my site http://void.callthegeek.com My goal is to get beta testers to help out those that want to get into Panther on older machines. I also wrote a full review on its performace thus far.

    Hope this helps.

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