Apple Store Anecdotes

So the opening has come and gone. I had a blast! While in line, I met a nice guy from the Eugene Mac group and there were many more babies and small kids than I expected for that time of the morning.

The quote of the morning was “Oh my gosh, look at the line!” and that was only for the first third. Other things overheard:

Dad – “I think these people are here to buy a computer.”
12 year old son – “No dad, they are here to buy that cool mp3 thing!”

Cute woman – “So what are they giving away to you guys?”
Me – “T-Shirts”
Her – “Oh, hmm, uh huh”

Elderly woman to husband – “See that man, he’s surfing the internet wirelessly!”
Elderly man – “Wirelessly?”

Me – “Have you ever seen anything like this before?”
The Warden – “Not ever in this mall.”

The Warden – “When will those pictures be online?”
Me – “They were up as of 7:05am”
The Warden – “Oh really?”

*The Warden is the nickname the guy from e-mac gave the guy who was in charge of mall operations, ie he was monitoring the line. We made him get up really early.

Other fun happenings:

  • The employees running around whoopin’ and a hollerin’.
  • High-fivin’ the employees as we entered the store (ok this was a bit strange).
  • Seeing Sweethaven and Mine9 from IRC. (I wish I had gotten to visit with them more!)
  • The unavoidable grin on guy’s faces as Victoria’s Secrets saleswomen entered the store.
  • The cool, yet geeky, backpack apple shopping bags
  • The serious attention Apple drew from the totally packed mall
  • Me whispering “Apple Store” at people as we walked around the mall. (LOL)
  • Cheering for the puzzle car cart dude as he opened his cart minutes before the store opening (Hey you sit on your butt for 3 hours, you’d cheer too)

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  1. Do you have a picture of these backpack shopping bags? All I got at the King of Prussia Apple Store was a blue shopping bag. 🙁

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