Humorous Apple Store followup

My phone just rang.

Random Guy – “Hello, is this the Apple Store?”

Me – “No, but i was just there”

Him – “Odd, I called mall services and they gave me your number”

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized that I had called mall services this week to find out when the mall opened, had told them I was going to be there for the Apple opening and haha, they put me down as the mall contact! LOL.

I’m still crackin’ up.

Update: I went back to the mall and talked to the Apple store manager – She asked me to go down to guest services and see if they could remove my name. So I did and they had a big green sticky on the back of the directory that said “Apple” with my phone number. Said sticky is now gone, haha.


  1. Steve,

    This has got to be one of the funniest things I have read. If you handled the call well, I think I will ask you for your number so I can make you the contact for The Mac Store as well.

    LOL Erick

  2. HAHA Erick – I did actually – talked about the store, the Mac store specials, programming and when the store closed!

  3. Only things like this happen to you Steve!…heh…..I think they ought to offer you a job, I bet you wouldn’t have to go through their intensive training cause you probably already know it all……heheheh


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