AH Technology damnit Apple! lol

So I had this issue when I encode video with QuickTime (final cut, compressor, etc) that would cause the encoding to stop randomly. This has been happening for four months with Apple’s high end software.

I learned that if I totally uninstalled/reinstalled DVD Studio Pro and then Final Cut Pro, leaving out the FCP install of Compressor, it might fix things.

I uninstall both applications, by hand, which takes awhile, then I install DVD studio pro, reboot, apply the software updates, reboot (takes awhile) then I install Final Cut Pro (takes awhile) reboot, install the updates and wow, 10.3.4 was released, right while I’m upgrading Final Cut. Ok, so I install that too.

I spent about 3 hours that night running tests, and it is fixed! The fix worked! Or did it? Check out this kbase article and look at the solution!

Argh! I wait 5 months and the very day, the very MINUTE I do all of this work, they release a fix.

Is nice to have it fixed, but one would think that if you own the top of the line Mac and the professional software, it would get fixed faster than 5 months.