Safari Smart Folders

Now that Tiger is bringing BeOS like search to the entire OS, it would be cool if this worked for Safari bookmarks. I can never find them and I have 1000s and well folders suck (as Steve said so himself)

But the problem with bookmarks is that there is little meta data in them, just the URL. So I was thinking that Safari could keep a database of site meta data (either pulled from the page or the meta data tags, or both, whatever) so when I bookmark something, that pages (and maybe pages on the same site?) are cached if you will, keyword wise.

Then I can make a smart folder like “Golf and portland” and have all “bookmarks” that relate to those keywords show up!

This is better than just scanning and keeping every page – We have google for that. this only does it for pages I have already actively shown interest in.

As a side note, even if Safari does not do it, a third party app could scan Safari’s bookmarks and do it also , but then the page gets loaded twice, there is lag in scan time, etc, ie I think it would be nice if Apple just did it right 🙂