Quick Update

Trip to Victoria was great! TK4 is in full swing now. I have an accountant and QuickBooks, might even become an S-Corp. I’ve been busy learning new technologies, such as Tweak. The PMUG general meeting last night was a blast I saw sweethaven from IRC and met a bunch of nice people, answered questions, had cookies and apple juice, of course.

Tooth has not been hurting for two days, but I still know it is there. We postponed the crown for 10 days to see how it heals.

Got some really cool product ideas for Geeks R Us. Heck if I am going to be a contractor to USC, I might as well do my side products I have in mind. Time to start earning that house so I can build disneyland in the backyard.

I got this kick ass watering tractor from Home Depot made by nelson. Saw that ACE sells them under their brand name and there is even a John Deere one! Now I need to run some tests to see if it can run over the connection between two hoses. If it does, I can do 200ft in a shot!

Cleaned out 100,000 emails from old employers. Very cathartic.

I still need to update this blog to MT 3.0. I’m getting behind!

I’ve had some super great news in my life, some of which will have to wait, oh a few months before I can really blog about it 🙂 (No, I didn’t knock anyone up, but my G5 is glowing. hmm)

Tire started to blow out in Port Angeles on Fri. Shredded and thwap thwap. turned around, found a Les Schwab and got new tires. Had them siped, makes em last longer, more traction and run quieter. Sweet.

Ok that is the short list. Yeah, this was condensed. So if you see me online, you know why I am quiet! I’m trying to use more away messages to be more courteous.

If you use Windows, check out Apple’s Tiger. Trust me, Automator looks really cool, as does Spotlight searching. Don’t miss the bandwagon on this folks! Sure longhorn might have some of this stuff, a year or more later, but then again, MS implements it, and we all know how that goes! Break out your registry editors! Not this geek – I’m sticking with the fruit.