Omniweb 5.0 rc1

Suddenly I am a avid fan of Omniweb I bought a version 3 license but never used it, because well OmniWeb sucked.

I skipped 4 and 4.5 for the same reasons. Now with 5, they are here.

5 is behind on it’s webkit integration, which has caused a few errors, but the features are so stunning!

For example:

  • Workspaces – You can save off sets of windows and switch with F-keys
  • Per Site Preferences – For my bank, I set up the prefs for just that domain to download files to a folder other than the desktop. Now my banking downloads go into their own folder for saving and other needs.
  • Resumable http downloads – Just stop a download if you need to and resume it later
  • iTunes searching on bookmarks – While confusing at first, now it is really powerful
  • Safari bookmark syncing – Still use safari for some sites? No problem, add the Safari collection and it is updated each time you open Omniweb
  • Bookmark syncing – To .mac or any webdav server, each time you quit Omniweb it syncs your personal bookmarks. Open up Omniweb on another machine and it syncs. I have even had Omniweb running on both machines at once, made dissimilar changes to bookmarks, quit both copies and relaunched them to find the bookmark changes reflected on both machines. Nice.
  • Per page ad blocking, popup blocking, etc. Turn popups off for all sites except that one that really needs to open popups.
  • Gazillions of preferences
  • Support has been responsive to the bugs I have been finding.
  • Tabs can either be a vertical list of site names or a list of page icons from those sites the tabs
  • Control when and where autofill is used (manually or automatically)
  • Delete cookies from all sites on close, or just some sites
  • Tell Omniweb to not open a new window when you click it’s dock icon, so minimize web pages stay minimized.

The list goes on. Check it out for free.