Bad shipping karma week

After the Office Depot mess, Fed Ex, which had an estimated shipping date of today, stood me up. Well, it could come up until 9. Wait, but they didn’t have the data that it arrived in portland at 4:09pm until hmm 5pm. So the people all say long saying it was “in route” even tho tracking data was 2 days old just plain lied. They didn’t have a clue where it was, I knew it, but they would not admit to it. Why can’t people just tell the truth anymore?

So now it might come tomorrow. Anytime between 9am and 9pm. nice eh, spend my Saturday, all 12 hours, waiting for something that may or may not come. What has happened to service in this country? You’d think with all of the technology that we could track a package within 10 mins of where it is. Then people would not have to end up missing lunch and having a late dinner because some yoho at Federal Express said it was coming.