Copy URL to clipboard Applescript

As a blogger, I’ve often wanted the URL from the current website I am browsing put onto the clipboard in HTML format so I can quickly paste it into a blog entry. I wrote a simple Applescript to share.

To use:

  • If you don’t have the AppleScript menu installed, install it by running the Install Script Menu application in /Applications/Applescript/
  • In your home directory, open Library. If there is not a Scripts folder, create one. Inside the Scripts folder, if there is no Safari folder, create one.
  • Open Script Editor in /Applications and paste the script at the end of this entry. Save the file to ~/Library/Scripts/Safari/ as any name you like, such as Copy To Clip

That’s it. Now you can be in safari, choose your script from the Safari Applescript menu item and have your URL in HTML format!

The Script: