So long, Furyan, you served me well, and sucked my life away

My everquest account was cancelled today. While i had not played in over a year, in the previous 5 years I spent far too much of my free time playing that game. Never a hard core gamer, Furyan never made it past 59 nor got his holy Steed, but he had a wonderful time making friends, making up silly stories and crawling dungeons.

The game, while evil incarnate, was fun at times, but mainly for the social aspects. Sitting on my ass grinding for 10 hours on a Saturday was not fun at all and these games need to learn that. But as I said, I’ll miss Teaka and the likes as we always had a grand time together.

I’ll never forget falling off the boat in ocean of tears on my first weekend, spending 9 1/2 hours trying to get my body back. Nor Kahles and Iueelyen coming to rescue us from the Dvovlarg Dogs after that asshole whats-his-name lead us in there.

Or Bladeth and our trip into Runnyeye, where I was the last one standing cuz I sucked so much they left me for last. Or losing my surname because of Sony’s lameass naming policies. My one good trip into Hate, or when I got a new twinked weapon from Kahles.

I’ll remember taking on Gornaire and getting one swing in (a miss of course) and dying. Being a dwarf sucked as the elves would peel me on rocks constantly during a run.

I’ll not forget how useless Ecce seemed, but we still managed to pull off some cool stuff. Or having Jobue go linkdead in Mistmoore and waiting hours for him to come back. Or Kahles and I soloing Sir Lucan for my (second) soulfire attempt.

Was good times, at times.

Furyan, Paladin of the 59th Season, Rodcet Nife, Ecce Neco