Cancelled my season pass to The Screen Savers

The Screen Savers as not been the same since G4 bought TechTV and Leo left. But today’s show ,where co-host Alex smashed up a perfectly working Mac out of some childish anger, which could have at least been used by a school somewhere, that was it.

I don’t need to hear the 95% stories – Most of the world is Christian, and that makes it better? No of course not, just different.

So until management deals with guys like this, who literally and figuratively beat up on Macs and their users, they lost my eyeballs.

Too bad, guys! Leave it to PC hatred to sink the ship.


  1. The mgmt at G4TTV doesn’t care. We’re not the demographic they want. They’re going for 13-25 or so, G4’s market all along. Of course, G4 sucks and TechTV was great, but who bought who?

    The ScreenSavers really started to tank when they made Kevin a Co-Host. He has no charisma, no especially noticable skills for hosting a show. The new dweeb, Alex at least has some energy, even if it is misdirected.

    It is interesting to note that in their poll on Mac vs. PC that Macs took 35% of the vote, not 3%. They just alienated over 1/3 of their 50 million homes audience. Not very smart, G4…

  2. Update:

    On today’s show, Alex started out in the LAN party and then ran across the studio to the main screensavers set. In the hallway on the way there, they had him run into a mock crowd of Mac protestors, who assailed him, complete with a Steve Jobs impersonator.

    When Alex (the new guy) got on the set he said that he didn’t want to beat on Macs the day before, but on KEVIN’S Mac. He took it a bit far with the Mac bashing, but nonetheless, I took the little skit at the start of the show as an apology to us sensitive Mac lovers.

    I still think the show is going downhill, but they are trying to find their footing with some new people in a new town. I’ll probably keep my Season Pass … for now, but if they keep boring me, I’m clearing some extra space on the TiVo’s hard drive!

  3. I’ve heard G4 is focussing more on gaming now. Leo’s departure said a lot to me and I haven’t watched since he left.

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