39th MacCamp wraps up

Just got back from the 39th MacCamp. PMUG rocks 🙂 This was the first camp I had taken my G5/LCD screen vs. my TiBook. I was able to join in the melee in the gamers cabin (this year in Blueberry cabin) and take on Monroe, Erik, Sandy, Peren, Marcel, Rick and the likes. We played Halo, UT 2004, Soldier of Fortune and the uber first person shooter, Tiger Woods Golf. Hey Erik, how’s the beach?

Erik taught a great class on color magic and showed off IQ Match, which looks very promising. You can accurately preview your images in any Colorsync aware application for any profile, say a spot printer that your print house has provided a profile for. It does much, much more as well.

Charles, Janet, Peren et al did a grand job on getting us set up, the food was excellent as always and we even had a music cabin class. They held several jam sessions, which I missed as I was on a KILLING SPEE. Yeah! Damn you Monroe and your flying knives of Ginsu badness!

I don’t have any pictures from camp, but I took a few from Erik’s class, which most were in RAW because that way it does not mess with the color gamut, which I had not thought of. I knew the image artifacts from JPEG compression, but the color gamut compression I had not thought about!