XMAS for me!

So between the new zboard keyboard Matt got me, the pillow I bought, the 18″ robot mom got me, I was gonna have to ship a box home. Rather than give the post office $30, I went shopping with Matt for a large suitcase.

I saw one at Disney when I was there with Laurie for $160, but it was not much larger than my carry on. At JC Penny’s I found a 29″ Samsonite Garment bag, normally $320, on sale for $160. It was missing the garmet bag, but had everything else, so they took another $10 off (was the last one) I can fit my entire carry on case in this beast and then some. So now I finally have a decent suitcase and can contact Samsonite about the garment hanger. It even came with a spill proof insert for shampoo and such, and a removable insert for separating your clothes from other items.

Whilst shopping we picked up the WoW strategy guide, which I normally don’t do, as it is beta info, but the maps were good enough that I changed my mind.

Also I found Wilsons having their after xmas sale and picked up some nice leather/cashmere gloves for $20, $50 off the price some schmoe paid last week.

Tomorrow I take the day off work to visit friends in San Diego, then am meeting a new friend for dinner, with a short trip to the zoo in between I hope!

All in all, a good day.