Tempur-pedic pillow

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, work, health, etc and I’ve come to realize that my sleep, or the lack of it has been affecting me greatly.

So I’m at my parents and have a normal pillow, and I woke up with yet another neck ache. Stress throughout the upper body, etc. Even my $80 Posturepedic pillow at home does not help.

While xmas shopping for a pillow for my Dad (good Karma, eh?) I ran across the tempur-pedic at Brookstone. Expensive, but I felt it, a foam like material that gives easily, yet supports, and with a 90 day trial period, I got one.

The pillow is flat, unlike most, with a roll in the end, for your neck. They have different sizes for differently sized people. You say on on it and it feels odd – Because your heat is flat and your neck is level with your spine what a concept.

Well 10 hours of sleep later, I woke up and my neck popped into place. No pain, no stress, nothing but relaxation. I’m serious, it’s that good, and was just night one.

I’ll keep reporting on it, but honestly, if this does keep this kind of benefit, the $135 is much cheaper than other remedies that invade your body to rest better, vs. one that just let’s your body rest comfortably.


  1. Nice! I have one of those pillows from a few years ago, I like it, except for the fact that in hot weather my head really gets hot when I use it… (I tend to get really hot at night)… I’d be curious to know if you experience the same issue…

  2. How’s that pillow working out for you? I have neck trouble, too, and I am certain it contributes to the frequency of my migraines. It would be nice to find something that would make it better.



  3. I got one of these from http://www.astrabeds.com and it weighs like 10 lbs. haha. It’s really neat though and stays cool. It took a few days to get used to. I have broad shoulders and I normally always slept with 2 pillows, but now I only need one. I really like the stuff!

  4. Actually I haven’t had any problems with getting hot and I also consider myself someone that gets warm when I sleep. Dorsie, you should seriously get a tempurpedic pillow from astrabeds. If not there, somewhere. It has helped me so much. I know it sounds like such a plug, but I really have never slept so good in my life. I used to be able to wake up and be up out of my sleep in literally 30 seconds. I thought that was normal. Now it really takes time to get out of my sleep and when I wake up I can tell that I was in a much deeper sleep. (does that make sense?) It’s really strange, but strange in a good way. Anyway, hope this helps! J

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