Avoid allmediaoutlet.com

I have had a horrible experience with allmediaoutlet.com. I ordered some ritek DVD-Rs and there was no notice they were on backordered. I emailed after 5 days and no response. The site says “processing.” I called 2 days later, a full week after placing the order and got told I’d need to talk to the shipping manager, but he was “busy shipping something” and would call me back in 5 mins.

2 hours later no call, so I called again, and was told it might be on back order, then another 10 mins of holding, and oh I need to have someone in shipping call me. So I just cancelled and told them this was no way to run a business.

To make it worse, their hold music is nothing but ads for other products. It is like listening to the anti-TiVo. Not even their own sales or items for sale, totally third party ads!


  1. I have been using these guys for years and NEVER had even one bad experience with them. I use them for home and work supplies.

    Strange, must have caught them on a bad day or something. Well we all can’t be prefect 100% of the time. 🙂

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