Apple and Intel, a different perspective

Over at , Bill provides a unique view on this entire Apple and Intel drama – Intel making PowerPCs for Apple. Seems doable and would make a ton of sense.

Sure, Apple could switch. But recall when Apple did the PPC switch, they emulated a 68K very well. Could they do the same for PPC? Expecting people to switch 100% of their applications in one swoop is asking too much.

Or is it? What if Apple shipped one of these new “Tablets” we’ve heard so much about running an Intel processor. Akin to the iPod, it may not be “a Macintosh.” It may run Mac apps, but be different enough that you’d migrate some content but generally use it for a different purpose. Much like moving your mp3 content to an iPod but just listening to it on the device.

Who knows, but the game is fun and we’ll find out tomorrow morning if the rumors that an announcement will be made are true. Frankly, my bet is on nothing happening at all.